“Pieces of a Man"

“Pieces of a Man"


“Pieces of a Man


Original handcrafted ceramic sculpture

25cm high


‘Pieces of a Man’ Caractar sculpture painted in Black 2.0 ”blackest black” and gold. 

Vantablack was developed and labelled as the blackest pigment ever, absorbing almost all light. It was then ’hijacked‘ by artist Anish Kapoor who officially licensed the colour for his own sole use. A rather pretentious, self indulgent move on his part. 

In retaliation to this, British artist Stuart Semple and Culture Hustle created Black 2.0, an acrylic paint with virtually identical light absorbing properties to that of Vantablack. Stuart Semple made this blackest black available to everyone.

Except Anish Kapoor.










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