Graffiti Art Commissions

Hand painted original figurative paintings and portrait commissions inspired by stencil street art graffiti, using a mix of spray paints for a simple graffiti backdrop, acrylic paints for finer detail with a 'stencil' look and thinned out acrylic colours and clear resin applied by drip and splash actions.


Commissions for the JGN Dance Attic and the street dance competition crews:

JGN Beat Boyz  JGN RJay Crew

JGN Bust n Groove  JGN Sweet Street


Paintings installed in the main studio at the JGN Dance Attic



Other Graffiti Art Commissions

Street Dance Sisters commission

"Street Dancing Sisters" (Private Commission) - 80cm x 60cm box canvas


Graffiti Art Chelsea

Graffiti Art (Private Commission) - 70cm x 50cm box canvas