Carruthers & Collins Collaborations

These paintings combine the unique 'Flaming Art' style of Derek's work, along with Scott's familiar child characters, creating a quirky human element to each piece, and each telling its own little story.






Scott Carruthers

Scott's paintings are largely inspired by observations of life, childhood and growing up.

He paints observations of life, particularly the adventures of childhood, the experiences of growing up along the life journey, and carving out a story. His fascination is with the use of metaphors to illustrate these stories, which can open up different interpretations from one person to the next. Scott has been developing his unique style of paintings since 2007. Unable to categorise his work into any specific genre, he happened upon the phrase 'Sui Generis'; Latin for 'of its own kind' or 'Unique in its characteristics'.

Derek Collins

With carefully blended resins, powders, pigments and liquids, Derek Collins creates abstract, textured paintings which come to life when he adds the final ingredient - fire!

By setting the entire painting alight, Derek creates strong emotive pieces which can be quite spectacular.


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